Why Should You Choose First Step Overseas to Get to Your Desired Study Abroad Location?

When we think of great study-abroad locations, visions of top-tier educational institutions, world-class facilities, trailblazing instructors, and unrivalled career opportunities come to mind. FSO is here to bridge the gap between your ambitions and reality and help you achieve your goal of being a successful individual.

About US: 

First Step Overseas began its journey in 2006 with the goal of making education abroad accessible to all scholars who choose to study abroad. It began with a concept shared by four people and has now stretched its wings to seven cities in India, with a large crew pulling for the same goal. Until present, First Step Overseas has assisted scholars in gaining access to 10+ countries for study-abroad programmes. We have outstanding student networks, an exceptional branch network, and relationships with prominent worldwide institutions, all of which help us provide you with high-quality, low-cost education services so that you may make well-informed educational decisions and move towards the future you want.

Counselling for Studying Abroad

The appropriate instruction always speeds up your progress! You will receive experienced study-abroad advice at FSO. Our expert counsellors will completely assess your profile and learn about your interests and requirements. Following the understanding session, you will get suggestions that bridge the gap between your desires and the qualifying conditions you meet. All of your questions and concerns are addressed until you are completely happy. In addition, help for English proficiency tests and other entrance exams necessary to pass your exams will be provided.  As a result, you will receive adequate quality time, as your academic achievement is important to us!

Visa Advice

FSO will provide you with expert student visa advice. After receiving your offer letter from your institution abroad, the most significant gateway to your top study-abroad location is the visa process. We have a team of country-specific experienced counsellors at First Step Overseas to help you. We will assist you with completing visa forms, filing visa paperwork, arranging a slot, and much more. We help students prepare for immigration interviews so they can ace the interview and seal the deal.


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