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(1). hereby agree to the following terms and conditions:

All the documents submitted and/or provided by me, in the form of Academic Documents, Educational Loan, IELTS Score sheet, Financial Documents and all other relevant documents, are genuine and authentic.

All the documents have been procured from the sources directly by me from respective boards, institutes, schools and/or organizations.

I am solemnly responsible and ready to face the consequences for submission of any kind of incorrect or fraudulent information, if any. I agree to be answerable to any of the queries with regards to the documents submitted and information provided by me.

I fully understand and duly agree to the norm that in case I enroll myself into Future Link Consultants’ coaching classes, I commit to avail services from Future Link Consultants and Future Link Consultants only, for the purpose of any kind of visa application process and/or counseling and/or immigration application process or other services pertaining to overseas visit/travel/settlement etc.

I fully understand and agree to the norm that after the completion of my preparation and coaching at Future Link Consultants’ classes, I will obtain consultancy services and avail overseas education services, including admission procedures and application processes, from Future Link Consultants only.

I am aware of the fact and agree to the same that enrolling into Future Link Consultants’ classes automatically makes me an early applicant and/or a candidate of student visa services and overseas admission services from Future Link Consultants.

I completely understand all the information provided to me by the representative of the school, college or university abroad and have verified it all by myself through the official website of the respective institute, country and its laws, and that I have no objections or discrepancies regarding the same.

I understand that the overseas institute’s representative in India is a facilitator who facilitates and guides me for the admission procedure.

I agree that Future Link Consultants does not, and is not supposed to, be responsible or liable, for any kind of rejection of any kind of concerned application procedure whatsoever and that I am solely responsible for any outcome arising out of any such application procedure.

I understand and agree that under no circumstances will Future Link Consultants be liable to or responsible for, any kind of losses, monetary or not, or damages, monetary or not, or other repercussions that arise out of the application, due to reasons such as submission of misinformation, incomplete or fake or unauthentic information, fake or manipulated or forged documents and such.

I have read the refund policy of the tuition fees at the institute I am applying to. I agree on the refund policy terms and I understand to make all the school/college/institute’s tuition fees transferred directly to the overseas organization I am applying to.

I understand that the representative in India is not responsible for, and/or liable to, any kind of refund of any tuition fees paid to the school, college or institute I have applied to.

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