You must make the necessary preparations if you want your trip to the Schengen region of Europe to go well. Additionally, you ought to apply for visas for those nations that reject fewer applicants overall.

Name of the country Total number of applications received Number of applications accepted Number of applications rejected
Luxembourg 2,384 2,335 29
Lithuania 24,764 23,998 683
Slovakia 3,886 3,779 107
Czech Republic 2,07,470 2,00,456 6,916
Latvia 16,764 16,182 582
Finland 61,018 58,273 2,745
Estonia 40,657 38,447 2,210
Iceland 2,735 2,410 259


The country that rejects the most visa applications on a minimal basis is Luxembourg. Only 29 visas have been denied out of the 2,384 applications that the country has received. There are several hiking paths and castles throughout the nation.


Out of the 24,764 applications received, only 683 visas were rejected by Lithuania. The nation features a number of wildlife-filled, wooded national parks, as well as the Kaziukas Fair. It is also renowned for its Jewish heritage and cultural preferences.


Slovakia has only turned down 107 of the 3,886 requests for visas that it has received. It is well-known for its folk customs, historic buildings, the spa town of Piestany, etc.

Czech Republic

In 2021, the Czech Republic got 2,07,470 visa requests but only 6,916 of them were granted. The nation is well-known for its historic forts, summer castles, and some of the best beer in the world.


Out of the 16,764 applications, Latvia approved 16,182 visas. The Gauja National Park, Riga's Art Nouveau neighbourhood, and many other things have made the nation famous.

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